Welcome to S. Antonio Da Padova Village

S. Antonio is home to your loved ones whose advanced age needs require special care. Our vision of 'home' extends beyond the concept of shelter. We offer a lifestyle with the highest quality and standard of care our residents deserve. Our services and facilities reflect our aim to provide individualised, holistic care and support for the aged, in a secure and comfortable environment.

Our team of specialists pay careful attention to the needs of our residents; especially those who require special medical care. We also recognise and respect our resident’s cultural diversity, and our Italian Cluster attests to that. We are a non-profit facility.

Directors 2018

  • President

    Peter Maniscalco

  • Vice President

    Ross Cutelli

  • Secretary

    Tony Scaltrito

  • Treasurer

    Gino Paladino

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Joe Tusa

  • Director

    Tony Battiato

  • Director

    Joe Denina

  • Director

    Rose Williams

  • Director

    Teresa Restifa